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Volunteer: Littleton and Fowler Pocket Park (with a Bench)

Good evening everyone.

Tonight, after a note from a neighbor, I rode over to New Chauncey’s Littleton and Fowler pocket park.

It appears that this pocket park at the intersection of Littleton and Fowler has become overrun with weeds, invasive plant species, and is in need of attention before it falls into further vegetative despair.

Little and Fowler Pocket Park

We are working with neighbors to find individuals or groups who would be willing to spend a small chunk of time (e.g. 30 minutes) every once in a while to pull weeds, debris, and provide general gardening maintenance.

In 3 minutes, I was able to pull these weeds.  Sadly, I only brought gloves, so one root ripped, but I have a gardeners pal that will join me next time.

Little and Fowler - Pulling Weeds

If you or know of people who would be interested in this volunteer opportunity, please let us know.

Also, we are working on ways to allow a more inspirational view from the bench.

The visual perspective could use some enhancements.  What would you like to see?

Littleton and Fowler Pocket Park Perspective

The start, I am going to see if we can move the One-Way and info sign (seen in this shot):

Littleton and Fowler Pocket Park Perspective

Maybe a small reading rack, supplied by the Free Little Library at the New Chauncey Housing, Inc.’s office, beside the bench?

Little Free Library - NCHI