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Spring Blast 2018

Here is the press release from Jesse Bohlin, Boilers in Action:

Hello and Good Afternoon Friends in Greater Lafayette/ Neighbors!

I hope this email finds you well. We are emailing you as a part of Boilers in Action, a student program that trains students to coordinate meaningful community engagement. We are coordinating SpringBlast, a program you have participated in with Purdue students in the past.

SpringBlast is a day of service dedicated to serving our neighbors. Our goal is to connect Purdue students and residents in making a more united community. SpringBlast was established in order to make that possible.

As a previous participant we would like to extend the offer to participate again! This year (2018) SpringBlast will be on Saturday, April 7th. More information will be given closer to the event, with the goal that we make this process as easy and clear for you as possible. Please use the Google Survey below to sign-up, or email us directly if you prefer. You will receive a follow-up email with more information the week of March 7th.

The SpringBlast Team

Sent by,

Jesse Bohlin