New Chauncey Street Reps

The individuals listed below have volunteered to represent an area of New Chauncey to help welcome new neighbors, serve as a local contact, and to help disseminate information.  The purpose is to help the entire New Chauncey Neighborhood feel more connected.

Street Rep
North Chauncey Dawn Ogas
Connolly Zachary Baiel
Crum Court
Evergreen Carol Czaja and Ted Wachs
Lawn Danny Weiss
Lincoln Katie Smith
Littleton Vicki Leavitt
Lutz David Parrish
Maple Bruce & Martha HardingTom & Laura Kessler
Meridian Ellen Schweitzer
East Oak Linda Swihart
West Oak Linda Swihart
Park Lane Marisol Sepulveda
Quincy Jim & Edwina Henderson
Robinson Carl Griffin
Rose Street Joanne Gutek
Salisbury Patti  O’Callahan
East Stadium Paul Bower
West Stadium Alice Abbot
Sunset Court
Sunset Lane
Terry Lane

If you would like to represent your street, corner or section of New Chauncey please contact one of the NCNA leadership team or use the web site and place “Street Rep” in the subject.


The NCNA supports the ongoing sustainability and historic preservation of the New Chauncey Neighborhood in West Lafayette Indiana