Ordinance Violations

If You See Something, Say Something! Or, “It’s Copacetic to Call It Out”

A message from the NCNA:

Hello neighbors. Have you found that sometimes your neighbors are not very neighborly?

Do you experience loud noise disturbances, see a littering of red plastic cups strewn around a front yard, or broken glass along the sidewalks in New Chauncey?

Have you been hesitant or weren’t sure how to report the problem to our city authorities? Or, have you been afraid that making a report to the city might result in repercussions to you or your home?

The City of West Lafayette has ordinances that address issues of noise, trash, parking, and other problems that impact the quality of life in New Chauncey. You can, in fact, search and read the City’s municipal code online: https://library.municode.com/in/west_lafayette

If you believe there is a violation and would like the City’s assistance, there is an easy method for residents to report such problems by calling the Police Department’s Non-Emergency number, 765-775-5200. Depending upon the nature of the problem, the report will be handled either by a patrol officer or a member of the Neighborhood Resource Team.

At our 2022 NCNA Annual Meeting, the Police Department reassured the NCNA that the identity of the reporter is not shared with an alleged perpetrator unless later required to by a legal proceeding. And, any concerns that residents have that they have experienced retribution as a result of reporting an ordinance issue are also fully investigated.

Remember that helping preserve the New Chauncey’s safety, enjoyment, value, and well-deserved reputation as a great place to live is everyone’s responsibility. If you see something, please say something.

The NCNA supports the ongoing sustainability and historic preservation of the New Chauncey Neighborhood in West Lafayette Indiana