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Funds Move Fowler Littleton Corner Forward

Update: April 2009, City Recognizes NCNA, Carl Griffin and Scott Mills for their leadership in beautifying New Chauncey


(January 2007) - The Fowler and Littleton gateway to New Chauncey saw great progress this summer and fall, as well over half of the work on the facelift of the northwest corner was completed. Over 30’ of paver walk was laid, a decorative retaining wall was built as a backdrop to a park bench at the corner, and five viburnum bushes were planted.

Plans for spring 2007 include putting finishing touches on the wall, installation of the park bench, and planting perennials from the corner as far west as resources allow.

Residents’ support of this project has been leveraged well with other contributions. Residents donated $1,040 towards the project, which includes $500 from one homeowner earmarked for the retaining wall . Other funding includes $922 from CityBus for the park bench and $1200 from the WL Tree Fund.

From the neighborhood contributions approximately $300 remains for spring planting. If you would like to help support this improvement of our neighborhood, please contact Carl Griffin, 743-8087.


Littleton & Folwer Project

With one section of the paver walkway complete, Littleton & Fowler corner residents, Nick Bertucci, Mike Tamilow, and Justin Fraga begin excavation for the backdrop retaining wall.


Carl at Folwer & Littleton Green Spot

Carl Griffin talks with neighbors at the rehabillitated Fowler and Littleton corner bus stop. This redevolpment project was led by Carl and Scott Mills.