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Boiler Blast

2010 Boiler Blast &
NCNA Clean Sweep


The 2010 Boiler Blast as a great event for the City of West Lafayette, the Purdue Students who participated and the New Chauncey Neighborhood. The kick-off is held on the Memorial Mall

Boiler Blast Kicks Off at Purdue

Kick off on the Purdue Memorial Mall

Purdue's Boiler Blast Kick-off
Students gather at Purdue's Memorial Mall in preparation for Boiler Blast.

on the West Lafayette campus of Purdue.


The event, organized each year by the Boiler Volunteer Network (BVN), gives Purdue students an opportunity to give back to the community by providing volunteer service.


The students have a good time as they give neighboring areas a little TLC. It is a big win for everyone.





oiler Blast Participants rake and clean
Boiler Blast Participants rake and clean

This year students tackled a large hillside of leaves, the Day Lilly beds in the New Chauncey Neighborhood, collection of scrap concrete and debris from neighborhood ally ways, and of course the favorite "window cleaning" along with dozens of other jobs and tasks requested by the City and neighbors of Purdue.

Window cleaning is always a favorite request of residents.
Window Washing Crew


The students either walk to the job sites or hop the Purdue Bus and get dropped off nearby.

The students help the City, residents, neighborhoods, the Lilly Nature Center, and various other parks and locations.





Enjoy the photos from the 2010 Boiler Blast!

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