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Boiler Blast

2009 Boiler Blast &
NCNA Clean Sweep -

When Boilers Give Back West Lafayette!


The Boiler Blast, an annual event at Purdue University, has a whopping 1,020 Boiler students give back to the community by volunteering to do odd jobs for the residents of West Lafayette. 2009 Boiler Blast T-Shit


The 2009 campaign sported great T-Shirts that sported the slogan "One Day A Year - Come Volunteer" and the list of event sponsors, who included, University Spirit,

Boiler Blast 2009 T-Shirt & Sponsors Piazza Produce, WAZY 96.5, College Station, Purdue Gear.com along with many of the great student organizations on campus. New to this year's event, thanks to the terrific organizing committee, each home that had signed up for student volunteers, was "tagged" with a bright yellow sign so the volunteers could Boiler Blast 2009 - House Taglocate their job sites. These signs were posted the night before the event and helped to smooth the days events.

After meeting at the Campus Mall, the students either walked or were shuttled to there assignment locations. In the photos below, student received maps for their assigned areas to clean up, trash bags, and gloves. Then they were off to work.

Boiler Blast 2009 - Assignments

The students came from all over campus, residents halls, fraternities, sororities, clubs and other campus organizations - all came to help out and the New Chauncey Neighborhood greatly appreciates their efforts and willingness to help out.


Boiler Blast 2009 - Assignment
NCNA Leadership Team member Vicki Leavitt talks with Boiler Blast Volunteers about their assignments and provides the necessary supplies.

Throughout the morning and early afternoon, students could be seen walking the streets and alleys cleaning up the area and having a good time. The best part of the day was the joy both the Boilermaker students and the New Chauncey residents received from the volunteer spirit. It was truly another win-win put on by Purdue.


Boiler Blast 2009 - filling the streets with volunteers

Boiler Blast 2009 - along the way















Boiler Blast 2009


There were other projects that the students helped out on including mulching neighborhood garden spots, cleaning windows, raking yards, planting trees, and installing a retaining wall with one of the residents.

Boiler Blast 2009 - tree planting Boiler Blast 2009 - wall building


Boiler Blast 2009 - clean up

Raking yards, removing fallen branches, and general clean up - the Boiler Blast volunteers did a great job and provided much needed assistance.


Boiler Blast 2009 - on assignment

Off to their assigned tasks


Boiler Blast 2009 - Window Cleaning

Taking down the storm windows and giving them a spring cleaning.

Boiler Blast 2009 - Assignments

Passing out maps and materials to the students


Boiler Blast 2009 - garden spot work

Clearing neighborhood garden spots of debris and adding mulch to improve their appearance and plant growth.

Boiler Blast 2009 - the mulch


Boiler Blast 2009 - garden spot work


Boiler Blast 2009 - retaining wall

Prepping the yard for the retaining wall....


Boiler Blast 2009 - retaining wall


Boiler Blast 2009 - retaining wall

....and placing the retaining wall stones.


Boiler Blast 2009 - work in the backyard

Clearing and cleaning winter debris and preparing the lawn for re-seeding.


Boiler Blast 2009 - parkway cleaning

Clearing up the parkways made a huge difference for both the residents - both students and non-students alike.