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Boiler Blast &
NCNA Clean Sweep –

Students Give Back to the New Chauncey Neighborhood & West Lafayette!


The Boiler Blast is an annual event organized by the Boiler Volunteer Network (BVN) at Purdue University on their main campus in West Lafayette Indiana. Boiler Blast gives students an opportunityPurdue Students help out in New Chanunceyto give back to the community by volunteering to do

odd jobs, pick up the streets and alleys, and assist on light construction projects. The residents of the New Chauncey Neighborhood and greater West Lafayette benefit from the student service and the students have a chance to give back. It is a true win-win for everyone who participates.

Purdue Students gather on the mall for Bolier Blast
Check-in at Boiler Blast!

The New Chauncey Neighborhood residents complete the request for supplied by the Boiler Volunteer Network in early February describing what tasks they would like to have some assistance with. These tasks can be pretty much anything from cleaning windows to washing cars or from plating trees and shrubs to work on retaining walls or

Students assemble on Purdue's Memorial MallStudents assemble on Purdue’s Memorial Mall

other construction type projects. The Boiler Volunteer Network then organizes the student volunteers into teams and assigns them to the requested projects.

Boiler Blast service request forms are generally available from this page in February and are due back by the end of February or middle of March. This ensures students can be scheduled for your tasks. Please check back here after the first of the year.

Boiler Blast Students rake levesBoiler Blast Students rake leaves off a large hill in the Historic New Chauncey Neighborhood.

The New Chauncey Neighborhood says:


Many thanks to the Boiler Volunteer Network and all who organized and participated in the Blast!

The 2010 Boiler Blast started on campus recruiting of students in January and it showed. At one point there were more student volunteers than there were jobs to be done. The teams hit the streets and took care of business. 2010 Blast photos are here.

For the 2009 Boiler Blast, the BVN stepped up the organization and planning. Signs were posted at the “work site” locations to speed the process and more students were recruited for the event. Many work groups hit the streets of West Lafayette. Check out the 2009 photos.

The 2008 event was also a great success for the students, Purdue, and the New Chauncey Neighborhood! Check out the 2008 Blast photos.

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