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News that effects the New Chauncey Neighborhood, West Lafayette, and Tippecanoe County Indiana.

City of West Lafayette announces “Spring Clean” Events

West Lafayette, IN –April 29, 2015– The City of West Lafayette will provide multiple “Spring Cleaning” related services to West Lafayette residents. In addition to providing roll-off dumpsters in select areas near campus, the City will offer document shredding and erecycling services provided by Eco-Shred and the Oscar Winski Company. As part of their “Donation Days” campaign, Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana will also provide pick up services on May 9 and 10. The program and its components are designed to help manage an overabundance of household items, rubbish and assorted debris left over as a result of spring move out period.

“Each year we continue to offer these services to make it convenient for West Lafayette residents to donate and properly dispose of items no longer needed. It’s a win-win for the city and the residents,” said Rick Walker, West Lafayette Neighborhood Resource Team. Roll-off containers will be placed at the following locations from Friday, May 1 through Tuesday, May 26:

Vine at Pearl St.
Vine at Stadium Ave.
Williams at Chauncey Ave.
Lutz at Salisbury St.
Grant at Harrison St.
Garfield at Evergreen St.

Prohibited items for the roll off containers include refrigerators, freezers, humidifiers, explosives, hazardous waste, tires, paint, grass, dirt, brush, gravel, sod, brick, concrete, antifreeze, fertilizer, pesticides or flammables. Persons may contact the West Lafayette Street/Sanitation Department at 765-775-5242 to report problems.

The document shredding and e-recycling event will be hosted at the Morton Community Center located at 222 N. Chauncey from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. on Saturday May 9. Participants should enter the Morton Community Center lot from North Street.

Please note that depending on the type and size of the electronic item, a collection fee of $10.00 to $40.00 may be required by the Oscar Winski company.

Donations to Goodwill can be arranged by calling 1-855-GWPIKUP (1-855-497-4587) to schedule a pick up or by visiting online at

For additional program information, contact Rick Walker with the West Lafayette Neighborhood Resource Team at 765-775-5238 or by email at

PSA: Host Families Needed for Colombian Students in Purdue International Friendship Program

Good evening all. This is a PSA from one of our neighbors:

This June 15, a new group of 49 Colombian students will arrive at Purdue for 6 months of study. Local families and singles are being sought to host one or more students in their homes. Past host families have found the commitment to be very rewarding. One IFP family said having their Colombian student was one of the best things they had done that year! Families whose children studied Spanish in school really enjoyed the educational and social enrichment brought to them by having a native speaker in their home. The Colombian students without exception said that their experience with their friendship partner/family was THE HIGHLIGHT of their time here.

If you or a friend or neighbor are interested in learning more about being matched with a Colombian student, please promptly contact Beth Tucker, Coordinator of International Friendship Program, at

Map of New Chauncey: A Historical West Lafayette Community

I had the pleasure of working with Purdue’s Stacy Nall and her English 108 class this past Fall and Winter.  The output of this semester’s course was an interactive map titled, New Chauncey: A Historical West Lafayette Community.  The students covered a wide variety of topics; CSO events to the Paula R. Woods Park to Little Free Libraries.

(this map was created in collaboration with the Stacy Nall’s 2014 Fall Semester English 108 class)

We will be posting future articles that contain the information that the students from the course researched and provided for us to use, discuss, and reference.

The students presented their map and research at the West Lafayette Public Library on December 10th.

English 108 - Nall - WLPL Presentation 2014

Another wonderful example of what makes New Chauncey in West Lafayette, Indiana a incredible place to live.

2014 is closing fast!

On behalf of the New Chauncey Neighborhood Association, we want to wish everyone in New Chauncey and Greater Lafayette a happy and safe holiday season!

Next year will be here before you know it.

Don’t forget, our annual Soup ‘n Dance will be held on Friday January 30 from 6-8PM at Morton Community Center.

April 2015 marks two years since our New Chauncey Land Use Plan was created by the APC and adopted by the City a month later.

What components of the strategic plan should we focus on, as a individuals? As neighbors? As a neighborhood?

Download a copy of the New Chauncey Strategic Plan.

If something sparks in your mind, let someone know. 2015 is also the local municipal election and should prove to be an amazing year for #greaterlala!


Leaf and Yard Waste Pickup

In an effort to keep the neighborhood looking great, please be mindful of when your leaf pickup times are.

Leaf-Pickup-2014-10-18Area C & F
October 21 – 23
November 11 – 13
December 9 – 11

Area D & E
October 7 – 9
October 28 – 30
November 18 – 20

A few things to note:

  • All leaves are to be raked 12 inches away from the curb line in a windrow (heaped mound).
  • Please keep catch basins free of leaves. Do not place sticks or other debris in with the leaves.
  • Please have your leaves raked out by the first day of the posted time to avoid missed pick up.
  • We will also pick up leaves in rigid containers on your scheduled yard waste pick up day.
  • This is the only time we pick up leaves that are raked to the curb.
  • Any other time, they need to be put out in rigid containers on your regular yard waste pick up day.

From the West Lafayette Street and Sanitation web site:

Leaf Season is quickly approaching! We will pick up leaves that are raked out to the curb during your scheduled leaf collection days. Leaves should be raked in a windrow (heaped mound) 12 inches from the curb to allow for proper drainage. Please keep catch basins free of leaves. Do not place stick or other debris in with the leaves. You can also put leaves in rigid containers for collection on your yard waste collection day.

Branches should be no more than 4 inches in diameter and 4 feet long. They should be stacked in easy to manage piles at the curb. Leaves and other small yard waste items, excluding grass clippings, should be placed in rigid containers for collection on your yard waste day.

Land Use Plan – Form Based Code Update

At last night’s City Council meeting, Councilor Gerry Keen told the public that an upcoming meeting the Ordinance Committee of the APC where the form based code for the New Chauncey neighborhood will be discussed.

We followed up with Ryan O’Gara, Assistant Director of the APC, and he stated that no dates have been set, but that all neighborhood property owners will be notified well in advance via a mailing.

If you are interested in attending these meetings and would like to help organize the neighborhood, please let us know.

We will keep you posted if we hear anything.

Sunday Strolls: A Bucket, Gloves, and Company

This past Sunday, Anne and I walked around a few streets in our great neighborhood, New Chauncey.  On this particular occasion, we decided to bring some gloves and a bucket to pick up the litter, debris, and other waste around our common, public areas.

Here is the result of a nice, 30-minute leisurely stroll:

Trash, Litter, and Debris from around New Chauncey 2014-06-15

We would like to make this a standing activity in the neighborhood.  Grab a bucket, some gardening gloves, and a keen eye on your next walk.  Look for plastic bags, cigarette butts, and other items that cloud the beauty of our landscaping, parks, and passageways.

Knock on some doors.  Ask if your neighbors want to go for a walk and a chat.  Grab a cup of coffee after.  Maybe some tea.

Think of it as a neighborly Clean Sweep every week.  The day doesn’t matter, and the effort will be celebrated.

Share your pictures of the items you find on our streets.

West Lafayette Moving to a Class 2 City?

UPDATE:  Ordinance 17-14 passed its first reading.  The City has some legal items to clear up prior to the next vote which may happen as soon as July or August.

A tremendously important question is being asked at the June 2nd West Lafayette City Council meeting:

Ordinance No. 17-14 An Ordinance Changing The Classification Of The City Of West Lafayette From Third Class To A Second Class City (Sponsored by Mayor John R. Dennis)

You can read the full agenda of the June 2nd West Lafayette City Council Meeting.

APC: Rezoning and Form Based Codes for New Chauncey

A recent Dave Bangert article discussed some development items occurring around #greaterlala.  One  section in particular dealt with New Chauncey and the Lafayette Centennial Neighborhood.

According to April’s Area Planning Commission minutes, the New Chauncey neighborhood will be receiving two updates to its exiting land use plan: rezoning and form based codes.

Step 1 of the process will be to take the Land Use Plan and update the zoning for each area to the appropriate designation made in the plan.

Step 2 of the process will be to write the text for each block (they are broken down by number) to contain appropriate form based code.

The APC hopes to vote on this in September.

If done properly, these two changes should help maintain the character of our neighborhood and provide for better new developments around us.

Below are the minutes from the APC’s April meeting pertaining to this discussion:


Sallie Fahey said she has nothing to add to the report that was emailed earlier today. She said the one item of interest in the report is that we are starting work on zoning implementation of the adopted Historical Centennial and New Chauncey Neighborhood Plans.

This is the first time we will be taking a two-step approach and Step 1 for each neighborhood is to apply our existing zoning districts in a neighborhood rezone to create the best fit for each neighborhood’s vision and goals.

For Step 2, we will be using a new tool called form based codes that will be created specifically for each neighborhood to implement each adopted plan more completely and this will be a much longer process.

In Step 2 we will use new tools that get into things like maximum setbacks in order to refit urban neighborhoods. She added that there may be some architectural elements to the form based code that will mirror existing architectural styles in the neighborhoods.  She explained that Historical Centennial will be done first because it was adopted first but she hopes to do Step 1 for each neighborhood somewhat concurrently.

Carl Griffin believes the form base code will be a lot more involved and he asked Sallie Fahey how long she thinks Step 2 will take.

Sallie Fahey said that depends on how well this idea is embraced by the neighborhood and the city councils. The neighborhoods and the councils will need to agree that the forms being created for the neighborhoods will better achieve the goals that the neighborhoods set out for themselves. The process could go smoothly or there could be opposition making us step back to retool and rethink the concept. Everything that would guide the creation of a form based code is already adopted in the plan. She then said we will start with a standard rezone for each neighborhood and she thinks it will be easier for the Ordinance Committee to deal with one neighborhood at a time. She went on to say Ryan has drafted a first cut of the neighborhood zoning map for Historic Centennial. Staff will review the map next week and after that we will be meeting with Lafayette staff about a week after that. We will then take the map to the neighborhood and then follow the process adopted by APC in 1998 requiring notification to every property owner in the neighborhood. This will be followed by Ordinance Committee hearings and finally APC adoption.

Once the Ordinance Committee makes a recommendation for Historic Centennial we will bring New Chauncey to the Ordinance Committee.

Carl Griffin asked if a 10-12 week timeline is reasonable.  Sallie Fahey thinks it is likely that Historic Centennial will go to the Ordinance Committee in July. She hopes to be able to bring New Chauncey to the Ordinance Committee by September.