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Boiler Blast Job Requests…

Hey New Chauncey!Boilermakers

Make sure to get your Boiler Blast job requests in as soon as possible.

What’s Boiler Blast you say?

Boiler Blast is organized each year by the  Civic Engagement & Leadership Development (CELD, formerly BVN) and gives Purdue students an opportunity to give back to the community by providing volunteer service. The students have a good time as they give neighboring areas a little TLC. It is a big win for everyone.

This year, the Boiler Blast Committee goal is  this year is 1,500 students and 200 resident participants, so they will have a lot of students ready to help you out.

What projects are eligible?

In addition to on campus projects and projects for the City, students have tackled all kinds of projects around the neighborhood including the always popular “window cleaning.” Other past projects have included:

  • Clearing large hillsides of leaves, debris, and litter,
  • Helping Scott with the Day Lilly beds in the New Chauncey Neighborhood
  • Collecting scrap concrete and debris from neighborhood ally ways
  • Building planter boxes
  • Picking up trash and garbage along the streets and alleys of New Chauncey

When is Bolier Blast?

Boiler Blast will take place on Saturday April 5th, 2014. You can expect the students to start arriving  in the neighborhood after 10:00 or so.

Submit your job request today!

To aid in the planning process, the Boiler Blast Committee has requested us to submit our job requests to them just as soon as possible. Please complete the form on their website with your request

Can I help out?

I’m so glad that you asked. We will need 6-8 volunteers from the neighborhood to help coordinate the New Chauncey specific jobs. Traditionally there have been 3-4 drop off locations for the students who are going to help out on the neighborhood projects. Our neighborhood volunteers provide maps and taks specifics for these students. It takes about an hour on Saturday morning. Please contact us to volunteer 

Also, we need a pickup truck (any size will do) to collect the bags of debris the students will leave on corners in New Chauncey. This is a two person job (a driver and someone to help grab the bags and put them in the truck). This is about a 90 minute job start to finish and is done sometime in the early afternoon. Again, please let us know if you can help us out with this small task.

8th Annual Soup ‘n Dance – 2014

Soup 'n Dance 2014

This year’s edition is going to be terrific!

Our dance caller will again be Barry Rubin, with echoes of the Ozarks music by the Bum Ditty Barn Dance Band.

Music for young, old and to listen, tap your feet, reel and promenade! Join us at 6:00 pm at the University Church in West Lafayette (320 North Street)

Please help us get an accurate head count by RSVPing on our Look for your eVite invitation.

We can always use set up help (putting up tables, etc.) at 5 pm or as soon as you can get there after 5. Please add a comment on the eVite if you can help us set up.

If you have questions or comments, please let us know.


Had a great time at the Soup ‘n Dance 2014!  Here are a couple of ani-gifs that capture a moment.

Soup 'n Dance 2014 

Our very own Carl Griffin mopping the floor after the festivities.  Thanks to all that stayed after to help clean-up.

Carl Griffin Mopping the Floor after the Annual Soup 'n Dance 2014

2013 Halloween Parade

NCN Halloween Parade
Parade Master Paul Bower

Join the tradition of our Halloween Parade on Sunday, October 27th, 2013!

Kids, adults, household companion animals are all encouraged to don their favorite costume and parade from the corner of Rose and Lincoln to Lincoln Park.

Halloween Parade Map 2013

Goodie bags, awards and snacks will be available.  It’s a great time whether you are a participant or a spectator.

Come Join us!

Parade steps off at 3:00 pm, please arrive at Rose and Lincoln at about 2:50 to “sign in”

NCN Halloween Parade

2013 NCNA Annual Meeting

The New Chauncey NeighborhoodJoin us for a quick meeting (right, no one like meetings, should we be calling this a community gathering??) and learn what’s happening in the neighborhood, volunteer for important neighborhood activities and of course you can pay your dues. We are working on the agenda right now, and if there is something you’d like to have discussed, please let us know right away using our contact form.

The 2013 Annual Meeting of the New Chauncey Neighborhood Association will be held on  Monday, October 14 from 6 to 8 PM at the Morton Community Center in Room 106

2013 Labor Day Picnic

Lincoln Park  Labor Day Picnic!On Labor Day (Monday 9/2) at 5:00 PM make sure you join us with your family at our great neighborhood park on Lincoln Street for fun, food and festivities.  Your neighborhood association will provide drinks, burgers, hot dogs and buns.  Please bring your own table service and a generous dish to share.  Reservations encouragedemail us, or respond to the eVite you receive (if we have your email address – if you’re not sure, please email us, directly!)

Purdue, New Chauncey, & West Lafayette to Welcome Boilermakers Back

For the 14th consecutive year, volunteers from New Chauncey, the City, and Purdue will walk around the New Chauncey and Northwestern Heights neighborhoods. On the evening of Tuesday,  August 27 the annual Meet & Greet of students living off campus will occur welcoming them back to West Lafayette and Purdue.Purdue University

There are a couple of changes to this year’s Meet and Greet , see below for details.

“This is a wonderful tradition that welcomes students living off campus and shows them they are a valued and vital part of both the Purdue and West Lafayette communities,” said Melissa Exum, vice president for student affairs. “Our goal is to meet students face-to-face as they move into their new neighborhoods and ease their transition into the community.

Kyle Pendergast, president of Purdue Student Government, said it is important to reach out early before people get settled in so they feel close to campus.

“The closer they feel, the more likely they are to get involved”  Pendergast said. “Meg Highley (vice-president of PSG) and I created Team Purdue, our campaign theme,to stress the idea that everyone at Purdue is a team dedicated to improving our university.  We can’t do that unless all students are involved.

“Meet and Greet” is an especially important event for newly arrived graduate students living the area, stated by Blake Hylton (president oThe New Chauncey Neighborhoodf Purdue Graduate Student Government).   By nature of our programs, we don’t often have the opportunity to engage in the larger campus or West Lafayette community, so events like this can really go a long way towards building those bridges. For those students with families, the involvement of city representatives like Mayor Dennis really goes the extra mile to make them feel welcome here in West Lafayette, Hylton said.

This year the volunteers will meet at 5:30 p.m. at the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering at the corner of West Stadium Avenue and Northwestern Avenue.  Volunteers receive a gold Meet and Greet T-shirt, a street map of the near-campus neighborhoods showing student residences, and door hangers with information about Purdue and West Lafayette that they will leave at each residence they visit, Exum said.

Volunteers will then divide into small teams and walk around the neighborhoods to make their visits.

Meet and Greet is arranged jointly by the Purdue University and West Lafayette Community Partnership teams.  Exum is the chair of the Purdue team and Pendergast is a member of the group.

“The main purpose of the teams is to work together to build on the strong relationship between Purdue and the city of West Lafayette,” said Beverly Shaw, chair of the West Lafayette team and marketing and grants administrator for West Lafayette.

“Those of us already here know that West Lafayette and Purdue are great places to be,” Mayor John Dennis said. “We want to share that sense of pride in our community with students who may be new to West Lafayette.”

Meet and Greet is open to all West Lafayette residents and Purdue community members who want to volunteer.

2013 New Chauncey Soup ‘n Dance

Our 7th Annual NCNA Soup ‘n Dance was a whole lot of fun for every one. One of the very thoughtful  international students that attended the dance wrote:

I would like to convey my special thanks for the experience I was a part of today. I think I will speak for all of us international students that it was something never to forget. Special thanks also to the New Chauncey community for inviting us and having us be a part of their to their annual Soup and Dinner. Their hospitality was very heart-warming.

Looking forward to participating in more such experiences giving us insight into the American way of life!

Kind regards

It is especially heartwarming when we can have fun while building community with our student neighbors.


Tami Hammack organized the event and did a terrific job of organizing and inviting the neighborhood. The event once again went off without a hitch. Tami and her team treated us to a wonderful evening….

2012 Soup ‘n Dance

New Chauncey Came Out in Style!

Our 6th Annual NCNA Soup ‘n Dance was held at the Morton Community Center in West Lafayette and the attendance was great.

Tami Hammack once again organized the event and did a tremendous job of organizing and inviting the neighborhood. Her team of recruits had the main room at the Morton Center set up and ready well before the 6 o’clock start. A big and heartfelt THANKS to Tami and her team!

The food was wonderful and the dancing was a lot of fun. We had a great group of all ages who danced and enjoyed each others company. It was a really fun time for all.

Barry Rubin and his fellow musicians were back and really made the event fun and kept things moving. There’s nothing like live music to listen and dance to.


2011 Annual Labor Day Picnic

We had an outstanding picnic at Lincoln Park. The weather felt a bit fall-ish and was simply wonderful.

Thanks to everyone who was there for the great food and better company. It was great seeing so many new faces and friends there today.

Hats off to Scott and Carl for taking on the grilling duties again. Great dogs, burgers, and the very popular veggie burgers.

Thanks to City Counselor Gerald Thomas for stopping by and sharing his insights on the proposed Wang Hall project and any other topics people wanted to discuss. Our District 2 Counselor Peter Bunder was also on hand to discuss issues and update us on the topics effecting New Chauncey. It’s always great to have City representation at fun events like these, just so we can talk with them in a relaxed atmosphere and become more informed.

The picnic was very well attended and the food just kept coming. As people departed, new families joined5 in to the fun. It was very cool seeing so many people enjoy the afternoon.

Thanks New Chauncey – You ROCK!

Here are some photos of the day – Enjoy!

2011 Annual NCNA Picnic

A little Purdue Representation never hurts!

2011 Annual NCNA Picnic

2011 Annual NCNA Picnic

Yummy burgers on the grill. Thanks Scott & Carl!


2011 Annual NCNA Picnic

What would a day at the park be without the kids?


2011 Annual NCNA Picnic

Biking to the picnic – Awesome!


2011 Annual NCNA Picnic


2011 Annual NCNA Picnic


2011 Annual NCNA Picnic

Look at that spread – good eats all around!


2011 Annual NCNA Picnic

Dan Flavin (r) and Tom Kessler (c) enjoy some conversation.


2011 Annual NCNA Picnic


2011 Annual NCNA Picnic

Carl grilling the dogs as Dan Falvin looks on.


2011 Annual NCNA Picnic

Scott on the burger grill.


2011 Annual NCNA Picnic

Talk about an ideal picnic plate – looking good!


2011 Annual NCNA Picnic


2011 Annual NCNA Picnic2011 Annual NCNA Picnic

Carl asks folks to make sure to sign up on the Newsletter list – You too – on the top right!


2011 New Chauncey Soup ‘n Dance

Our 5th Annual NCNA Soup ‘n Dance held at the Morton Community Center in West Lafayette turned a cold blustery night into a warm evening of food and fellowship.

Tami Hammack once again did a tremendous job of organizing and inviting the neighborhood. Her team of recruits had the main room at the Morton Center set up and ready well before the 6 o’clock start. A big and heartfelt THANKS to Tami and her team!

A lively group turned out for the dancing and wide assortment of soups, salads, and desserts made for great eating. Of course we Barry Rubin and his fellow musicians provided great sounds and calling. The walk through prior to each dance made sure that everyone was on the same page (well at least sort-of on the same page). But that is most of the fun.

This year’s live music included the initial performance of James Claven with the group. It’s always nice to have new, young talent added to a neighborhood event. Good times.

New Chauncey Soup N Dance - Dawn & Barry




Dawn Ogas and Barry Rubin (our caller and square dance instructor) enjoy some soup prior to the dancing.