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2008 Parade Received a Sunny Welcome

Paul Bower Leads the Way

Once again the 2008 edition of the New Chauncey Halloween Parade was blessed with a very nice sunny afternoon. The participants came in both traditional and unique costumes and played at the Lincoln Street park while the rest of the parents and friends socialized and enjoyed the pleasant day. Paul Bower (right) organized another great day From the traditional to unique, this parade had it all!

Lincoln Park for Halloween

Kids in costume run for the Lincoln Park paly area

Carl Griffin Chair NCNA Neighbor Committee

Carl Griffin talks about the neighborhood






WLFI reported on the Parade this year as well.


The Yummies too….

….what would Halloween be without TREATS????

Every child received a bag of candy “treat” too





2008 NCNA Annual Meeting

Our 2008 annual meeting was well attended on Thursday October 30th. We had 42 NCN neighbors. Guest speakers included: Mayor John Dennis, Police Chief Jason Domkowski, Director of Development Chandler Poole, & Assistant Director of Development Allen Grady.Chandler Poole & Allen Grady talk with residents

We heard from each person about what was happening in WL & were able to voice many questions & concerns in relation to our neighborhood. We also heard from Danny Weiss about our newly formed CHAUNC-PAC (political action committee). This non-partisan group will work with City leaders to keep the quality of life in NC high and help to voice the community concerns in the political arena.

Throughout the evening Allen Grady, Chandler Poole (right), Police Chief Jason Domkowski (below, left), and Mayor John Dennis (below, right) openly discussed the residents’ issues and concerns. Overall attendees were encouraged by the discussion and all of the City leaders encouraged more of these types of discussions.

Chief Domkowski

West Lafayette Mayor Dennis




2008 Boiler Blast & NCNA Clean Sweep

When Students Give Back West Lafayette!

Boiler Blast is an annual event at Purdue University where Purdue Students help out in New Chanunceystudents give back to the community by volunteering to do odd jobs for the residents of West Lafayette. trash bags on coners throughout NC were a common sight on April 5th


The New Chauncey Neighborhood residents ask the student volunteers to help with area clean up, spring yard work, window cleaning, and even some light construction work for the Unitarian Church.


The 2008 event was a great success for the students, Purdue, and the New Chauncey Neighborhood. Many thanks to all who organized and participated in the event!

Bags of trash at main intersections throughout New Chauncey were a common sight before noon as the NCNA Clean Sweep powered by Purdue’s Boiler Blast was in full swing.

washing screens

cleaning up the 'hood

wood reclaimation

2007 New Chauncey Halloween Parade

Since 1999 Paul Bower has organized the New Chauncey Halloween Parade for the kids and parents in the neighborhood. The 2007 event was held at Lincoln Park, the latest neighborhood park in New Chauncey.

There were plenty of cheers and laughter for all. Following the “formalities” the play area was again buzzing with the playful sounds of children having fun.

There’s no better way to relax on a nice Sunday afternoon than with friends and families at our neighborhood park. Thanks again Paul, and we are already looking forward to next year!


One of the many characters who assembled in Lincoln park following the 8th annual New Chauncey halloween Parade – And yes, there were some “Hot Dogs” there too!

The day was perfect – a sunny and crisp autumn day in the mid-60’s with almost no breeze. More than 50 costumed paraders ranging in age from nine months to thirteen years old walked down the street from the corner of Rose and Lincoln Streets to the park.

It was quite a sight as the pirates, rock stars, ghouls, princesses, and assorted other characters strolled down Lincoln. There were rumors that Shrek even made an appearance. The group was met by some generous Purdue students who passed out candy as the parade passed by their house.

Once at the park, kids and parents alike had a great time talking, watching the kids play, eating snacks and drinking hot chocolate provided by friends and neighbors.

Then Paul introduced each of the characters and gave each of them a goodie bag that he had assembled. He pointed out that although we see many of these same costumes on Halloween night, we really cannot appreciate them in the dark as we can at the park. Plus it give the adults a chance to catch up and meet the new neighbors and see long time friends.

The Bunder’s Bee looks very
much like their dog- Hummm

Halloween Pirate
Halloween Pirate


Happy Halloween



Paul Bower, Parade Organizer

Thank you Paul (and friend) for another wonderful Parade!



At the end of the day,
there’s always the tired puppy

end of the day...