Invitation to the opening of the Racial Covenants Exhibit

requested by our neighbor, Patti O’Callaghan

Opening of the Racial Covenants Exhibit
at the Caretaker’s Cottage Local History Museum
in Grandview Cemetery
Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 10:00 am

Racial Reconciliation of Greater Lafayette is pleased to announce that after several years of research, an exhibit highlighting the history of racially restrictive covenants on property ownership in
West Lafayette will be unveiled at the Caretaker’s Cottage Local History Museum on Tuesday, June 18 at 10am.

The event at the Caretaker’s Cottage in the Grandview Cemetery (1510 N Salisbury St, West Lafayette) will include a proclamation read by West Lafayette Mayor Erin Easter to acknowledge the history of racial discrimination in housing in West Lafayette and apologize for these past injustices. We are grateful that Mayor Easter has committed to beginning a dialogue with the communities who were harmed or oppressed by these racial covenants and addressing the next steps.

Everyone is welcome to attend the event on June 18, and to view the exhibit during its installation in the Caretaker’s Cottage, which will run through next year.

Racial Reconciliation of Greater Lafayette is a group of individuals in Greater Lafayette that hosts book studies, town hall meetings, and speakers to learn and discuss the impact of race. We hope this exhibit will be an opportunity to educate our community.

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