RENEW: New Chauncey Neighborhood Association

UPDATE 2:  Please share your input and feedback regarding the neighborhood via our survey.

UPDATE 1:  You can now attend and participate virtually at this meeting.

You can join via this Microsoft Team’s link. The meeting requires a Microsoft account.  I have requested Guests without an account be allowed for this meeting. -ZB

This following event is being organized by Peter Bunder and Jean Sullivan:
TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2022 AT 7:00 PM EDT
The Bean Room, Margerum City Hall, 222 N. Chauncey Ave.
With the pandemic at an end, it is probably time for us to renew the New Chauncey Neighborhood Association.
The upcoming redistricting in advance of the 2023 city election is an important issue for us as we try and maintain New Chauncey as a “community of interest” that should be noted by the city council.
Issues like noise, trash, occupancy, and code enforcement were once discussed on a regular basis with city officials. We need to do that again.
Have we gained anything from the urbanization of Chauncey Village?
I suspect he arrival of “short term rentals” and their regulation would be another likely conversation topic.
We need to be aware of the evolving “West Lafayette Enrichment Corporation”, a 501-3c that could serve as “the Entity” we have often imagined helping to fund neighborhood revitalization.
We need to develop an organizational structure that can be identified both by our neighbors and city government.
Toward this end, Jean Sullivan and I have booked “The Bean” in Margerum City Hall for Tuesday June 14th. at 7:00pm. for a meeting we are calling the “New Chauncey Neighborhood Association Renew”.
We hope to see you there.

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