Emergency Information for January 2014 Winter Storm

Snow Storm January 2014

We hope everyone is faring well in the storm. If you need assistance, please contact a neighbor and/or appropriate emergency personnel.

Faith West Community Center, 1920 Northwestern Ave., West Lafayette, is a warming shelter. Anyone wishing to use the shelter should call the West Lafayette Police Department at (765) 775-5200 and they will arrange transportation.

More information about emergency shelters and helpful numbers on the Journal and Courier web site.

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2 thoughts on “Emergency Information for January 2014 Winter Storm”

  1. We have waited patiently for homeowners, landlords and tenants to clear their sidwalks of snow. It is code and it is apparent that code enforcement is a joke. Sidewalks are dangerous and no one is telling occupants to clear or be fined. We as a neighborhood should file a formal complaint and document the abuse.
    Stay warm,

  2. Good evening, Scott.

    I agree. Ordinance 66.01 is clear in its language regarding snow removal:

    Sec. 66.01. Removal of snow and ice from sidewalk.

    It shall be the duty of the owner or occupant of property adjacent to any sidewalks
    within the city to remove snow and ice on such sidewalk within six hours after
    daylight and after snow has ceased to fall.

    I have been in contact with the City, and they request that we file a case by case, formal complaint against those in violation of the ordinance.

    As a neighborhood, we encourage communication among neighbors. If you do not gain any traction, please contact the police department’s non-emergency number 765-775-5200 to file a formal complaint. Please be sure to have the exact address of those in violation.

    This is a headache for everyone. With explicit communication, I believe we can get the issues resolved. Please let us know if you have any further problems.

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