2010 Soup ‘n Dance

The 4th Annual NCNA Soup ‘n Dance was held at the Morton Community Center in West Lafayette. The turn out was the best ever with more than 70 friends and neighbors coming in from the cold to enjoy the evening. The wide assortment of soups, salads, and desserts were fantastic. (Now, if we could have only kept the parents from eating the desserts before their dinner, the night would have been perfect). A big thank you goes out to Tami and Marcus for handing the arrangements and hosting the event.

NCN 2010 Soup N Dance
After doing a great job organizing the Soup ‘n Dance, Tami Hammack does a little dancing

Of course we greatly appreciate the support from Panera Bread – as always a taste treat from their store in the Wabash Landing.

Barry Rubin and his fellow musicians provided the LIVE MUSIC and it was a great time of family-oriented fun for all.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Tami & Marcus Hammack for putting this event together for the Neighborhood.

And this year we had a birthday celebration as well.

NCN 2010 Soup N Dance
Happy Birthday Elana and thanks for sharing your evening with us.









NCN 2010 Soup N Dance
Of course some kids were just along for the ride…..











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