2008 Boiler Blast & NCNA Clean Sweep

When Students Give Back West Lafayette!

Boiler Blast is an annual event at Purdue University where Purdue Students help out in New Chanunceystudents give back to the community by volunteering to do odd jobs for the residents of West Lafayette. trash bags on coners throughout NC were a common sight on April 5th


The New Chauncey Neighborhood residents ask the student volunteers to help with area clean up, spring yard work, window cleaning, and even some light construction work for the Unitarian Church.


The 2008 event was a great success for the students, Purdue, and the New Chauncey Neighborhood. Many thanks to all who organized and participated in the event!

Bags of trash at main intersections throughout New Chauncey were a common sight before noon as the NCNA Clean Sweep powered by Purdue’s Boiler Blast was in full swing.

washing screens

cleaning up the 'hood

wood reclaimation

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