Halloween Pirate

2007 New Chauncey Halloween Parade

Since 1999 Paul Bower has organized the New Chauncey Halloween Parade for the kids and parents in the neighborhood. The 2007 event was held at Lincoln Park, the latest neighborhood park in New Chauncey.

There were plenty of cheers and laughter for all. Following the “formalities” the play area was again buzzing with the playful sounds of children having fun.

There’s no better way to relax on a nice Sunday afternoon than with friends and families at our neighborhood park. Thanks again Paul, and we are already looking forward to next year!


One of the many characters who assembled in Lincoln park following the 8th annual New Chauncey halloween Parade – And yes, there were some “Hot Dogs” there too!

The day was perfect – a sunny and crisp autumn day in the mid-60’s with almost no breeze. More than 50 costumed paraders ranging in age from nine months to thirteen years old walked down the street from the corner of Rose and Lincoln Streets to the park.

It was quite a sight as the pirates, rock stars, ghouls, princesses, and assorted other characters strolled down Lincoln. There were rumors that Shrek even made an appearance. The group was met by some generous Purdue students who passed out candy as the parade passed by their house.

Once at the park, kids and parents alike had a great time talking, watching the kids play, eating snacks and drinking hot chocolate provided by friends and neighbors.

Then Paul introduced each of the characters and gave each of them a goodie bag that he had assembled. He pointed out that although we see many of these same costumes on Halloween night, we really cannot appreciate them in the dark as we can at the park. Plus it give the adults a chance to catch up and meet the new neighbors and see long time friends.

The Bunder’s Bee looks very
much like their dog- Hummm

Halloween Pirate
Halloween Pirate


Happy Halloween



Paul Bower, Parade Organizer

Thank you Paul (and friend) for another wonderful Parade!



At the end of the day,
there’s always the tired puppy

end of the day...




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