October 10th, 1980: 2 groups complain of crossing hazards

This post is part of a series that will highlight the history of the New Chauncey neighborhood and association via newspaper archives.

Two West Lafayette citizens groups have expressed concern about safety hazards at the intersections of U.S. 231 and Salisbury St.

The New Chauncey Neighborhood Association and the Morton Council of Parents have sent letters to K.L. McDaniel in the Crawfordsville District Office of the Indiana State Highway Commission.

Letters sent by the groups say approximately 15 accidents have occurred per year for the past five years at the intersections of U.S. 231 (Wiggins St. and Fowler Ave.) and Salisbury St. In addition, the letters state, “most of these accidents were right angle collisions, indicative of the difficulty that traffic on Salisbury has in crossing U.S. 231.”

The groups request that the commission give high priority to the placement of traffic signals at the intersections, to provide greater safety for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.

The New Chauncey Neighborhood Association is an organization of some 200 residents who live in the area adjoining U.S. 231 and the Morton Council of Parents is a parents organization at Morton Elementary School, where many children must cross the highway on their way to school.

Journal and Courier, October 10th, 1980 edition.

Reminder for when the Snow Falls

Below is a reminder that was shared by the City of West Lafayette and applies to any snowfall with accumulation:

With the snowfall today please avoid parking in the streets.

The Street Department closely monitors conditions and pre-treats roads when there is a possibility of snow or ice. Pre-treat loses effectiveness when rain precedes snow events. Plowing and salt operations begin once snow or ice accumulate on the streets.

Please help us by following these guidelines:

  • Keep streets clear of cars, basketball goals, etc. for full plowing access.
  • While driving, yield to snowplows – they are considered emergency vehicles.
  • Please be patient with our crew members – plowing order: main highways and streets, neighborhoods, and cul-de-sacs.
  • Shovel your sidewalk and driveway into your yard – not the streets. This will minimize the amount of snow in your driveway.
  • Clear snow away from mailboxes for mail delivery.

Designated Snow Routes Include:

  • Airport Road
  • Cherry Lane
  • First, Second, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Streets (between Russell and University Streets)
  • Grant Street
  • Harrison Street/Williams Street (from Martin Jischke Drive to Grant Street)
  • MacArther Drive (between State Street and Nimitz Drive)
  • Russell Street (between Stadium Avenue and Harrison Street)
  • Stadium Avenue west of Grant Street
  • State Street
  • Waldron Street

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22nd Annual Halloween Parade

Join neighbors at 2:45pm on Sunday, October 29th, for a fun filled New Chauncey tradition.

Since Lincoln Park is still closed, we are using our other great Neighborhood Park, Paula R. Woods.

Everyone will be meeting up around 2:45pm at the intersection of Smiley St. and Vine St. to register your costume. Neighbors will parade down to Paula R. Woods Park, starting at 3pm.

Goody bags will be provided for the youngest 48 entrants.

Updates to Lincoln Park

UPDATE 2023-10-02: From the City

Paula R. Woods Park & Lincoln Park Updates

Dear West Lafayette Residents,

Today, we are starting some construction work at Paula R. Woods Park, located at 309 Lawn Avenue. The park is getting a brand new poured-in-place surface in October, which is why we’ll need to keep it closed until the end of the month.

Likewise, Lincoln Park, situated at 255 Lincoln Street, is currently closed to the public as we’re installing a new playground and poured-in-place surface.

We just want to remind you that both Paula R. Woods Park and Lincoln Park are active construction sites. For everyone’s safety, we kindly ask that you refrain from using the parks until the removal of the snow fence.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and patience as we work to improve our local pocket parks for everyone to enjoy!

Thank you,
Your West Lafayette Parks and Recreation Department

UPDATE 2023-09-27: We spoke to John Muller, West Lafayette Parks Director, and he shared some updated information about the park updates:

  1. There was a snag with the installation team at another job, causing delays for Lincoln Park.
  2. The Team should come in early next week and begin the assembly.
  3. Another Team will be installing the PIP (Poured in Place) rubber surface for Lincoln Park sometime after the install.
  4. Paula R. Woods Park will also be shut down, starting next week, to prep the area for a PIP install as well.
  5. All work should conclude by the third week in October.

The City of West Lafayette is updating Lincoln Park in our neighborhood.

The proposal was approved at the September 2022 Redevelopment Commission meeting without any input from the neighborhood or residents.

The future park will include the following equipment:

Playground, circle swings, and a merry-go-round.

The new equipment, weather pending, should be installed by the first week in October.

Until the equipment has been replaced, the entire park is closed.

NCNA Annual Meeting, October 24th, 2023

Tuesday, October 24, 6pm
West Lafayette Public Library
Maple Room

6:00pm Setup [All are welcome to help]
6:30pm Start
7:30pm End and Teardown [All are welcome to help]

Join Neighbors for a discussion of New Chauncey events, topics, and issues. More details to come.

Confirmed Guests from the City, County, and Purdue:

  • Erin Easter (Director of Development, upcoming Mayor)
  • David Hittle (Executive Director of APC Staff)
  • Troy Harris (Police Chief)
  • Jeff Need (Fire Chief)
  • Rick Walker (Code Enforcement Supervisor)
  • Ashley Darnell (Associate Director for Off Campus Student Services at Purdue)

Survey for Article: Greater Lafayette Magazine Story – New Chauncey Historic District Turning 10 Years Old

We were contacted by Bradley Oppenheim from Greater Lafayette Magazine  regarding a story about the New Chauncey Historic District turning 10 years old.  The survey of his questions are linked below.  He would like responses in by the May 20th.

We know the New Chauncey neighborhood’s view on the historic district is as varied as the residents themselves and would appreciate hearing your perspective.

The article will be printed and therefore you must include your name and a method of contact in the event that Bradley wants to follow-up.

Feel free to answer as many questions as you want.

Survey about the New Chauncey Historic District

Helpers Needed for Daylily Gardens Caretaking

2022 New Chauncey Daylily Helpers
New Chauncey Neighbors (left to right) Jenny Brown, Nate and Mike Eriksen, Jan Tipton and John McLaughlin pause from rejuvenating the garden plot at the intersection of Rose and Robinson Streets. Help is needed for the 2023 growing season to maintain the daylily gardens in our neighborhood.

Did you know that the daylily image on our New Chauncey street signs represents the Stella d’Oro daylilies in our intersection gardens?

Our daylily garden corners have been growing for many years in the New Chauncey Neighborhood.  They were started with private funds and labor with the city’s permission.  Over the years, pedestrian traffic, lawn mowers and other factors have caused us to lose some of the garden plots.  At present we have daylily garden plots located at 7 intersections in the neighborhood. 

A commitment from a few more dedicated residents can help ensure that the plots we have can thrive.  The job involves tending one or more corner gardens during the growing season, pulling out weeds and keeping the gardens looking their best.  On average, each small garden may need 15-20 minutes of attention every 2 weeks during the growing season.  “Time-sharing” a garden between neighbors is fine if needed. 

If you have questions or would like to help during the 2023 growing season, please call Carl Griffin at 765-743-8087.   Funds are also needed and welcome for purchasing new plant stock for some of the gardens.

21st Annual Halloween Parade

Join neighbors at 2:45pm on Sunday, October 30th, for a fun filled New Chauncey tradition.

Everyone will be meeting up around 2:45pm at the intersection of Rose and Lincoln St. to register your costume. Neighbors will parade down to Lincoln Park, starting at 3pm.

Hot chocolate will be available.

Goody bags will be provided for the youngest 48 entrants.

NCNA Annual Meeting, October 24th, 2022

Monday, October 24
5:30pm Setup [All are welcome to help]
6:00pm Start
7:45pm End and Teardown [All are welcome to help]

Elm Room, West Lafayette Public Library

Join Neighbors and various officials from around the City at our 2022 Annual Meeting.

  • Police Chief Troy Harris
  • Fire Chief Jeff Need
  • Code Enforcement Officer Rick Walker
  • Ashley Darnell from Off Campus Student Housing at Purdue
  • Director of Development Erin Easter
  • West Lafayette Community School Corporation Board of Trustees President Rachel Witt

Jimmy John’s will provide snacks.

Planning Meeting for 2022 Annual Meeting

Sunday, September 18th, 2022
2pm EST
705 North Chauncey Avenue (Home of Catherine Grossman)
[no remote option at present]
All are welcome

The agenda is to work on preparations for our 2022 Annual Meeting to be held in October. The date has not been finalized.


NCNA met at the home of Catherine Grossman and Stan Alexander at 705 N Chauncey on Sept. 18.  

Present: Jean Sullivan, Dannny Weiss, Peter Bunder, Linda Eales, Paul Bower, Deb Dierckman and Catherine Grossman.

The annual meeting will be held on October 24, 6-8 at the WL Library.  Food will be served.  We will meet city officials, have a chance to ask questions and learn what the NCNA is all about and how it can help our neighborhood.

More information about the Annual Meeting will be coming.

The NCNA supports the ongoing sustainability and historic preservation of the New Chauncey Neighborhood in West Lafayette Indiana